Hope tourism flourishes here!

The memories of Nagaland, I still love to cherish and I always long to go back. Recently, I was pretty taken aback by a post in Yahoo. The writer, who had experiences during her solo travel to many parts of the world found Nagaland to be not so safe for lone women travelers. It was in fact the poor road & transportation that made her travel quite tiresome. Well, in contrast, the writer found the people very courteous and wonderful.

I later learnt from one of my cousins who had been there lately said the infrastructures are still the same with little development.I was really sadden by this news. No wonder, I left the place about nearly 20 years back . I feel sad, the situation is still unchanged.

From time to time I found one of my friends in face book ,a local of the place has beenĀ  working really hard to promote tourism in the State.I hope , she gets to see this news and work on this too, to make the place one of the best tourist friendly destination.